KITP Online Conference:
The Frontiers of Event Horizon Scale Accretion

(Oct 8-9, 2020)
Coordinators: Jason Dexter, Monika Moscibrodzka, Sean Ressler, and Chris White

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Thursday, Oct 08, 2020

Session: Nonthermal Particle Heating, Chair: Sean Ressler (UCSB)

8:00am Feryal Ozel (Univ. of Arizona) Particle Heating and Acceleration in Black Hole Accretion Flows[Video]
8:45am Bart Ripperda (Flatiron/Princeton) Magnetic reconnection and hot spot formation in black hole accretion flows[Video]

Session: Resolved Polarization, Chair: Chris White (Princeton)

10:00am Angelo Ricarte (Harvard) The Internal Faraday Rotation of Black Hole Accretion Flows[Slides][Video]
10:35am Alejandra Jiménez-Rosales
(Max Planck Institute)
Polarised Properties of Magnetised Accretion Onto Black Holes[Video]
11:10am Discussion Nonthermal Particle Heating + Resolved Polarization[Video]

Friday, Oct 09, 2020

Session: NIR Flares/Tests of GR, Chair: Jason Dexter (Univ. of Colorado)

8:00am Tuan Do (UCLA) Unprecedented Near-infrared Brightness and Variability of Sgr A*[Video]
8:45am Lia Medeiros (IAS) Gravitational Test beyond the First Post-Newtonian Order with the EHT[Video]
9:20am Discussion NIR Flares/Tests of GR[Video]

Session: Heating in Jets/Gaps, Chair: Monika Moscibrodzka (RU Nijmegen)

10:00am Alex Chen (CU Boulder) Pair-producing Gaps in Black Hole Magnetospheres[Video]
10:35am Jordy Davelaar (RU Nijmegen) Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Jets[Canceled]
11:10am Discussion Heating in Jets/Gaps[Video]