KITP Online Reunion Conference: Correlated Phases in Moire Materials: One Year Later
(Aug 13-14, 2020)
Coordinators: Andrey Chubukov, Cory Dean, Eun-Ah Kim, and Andrea Young

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Thursday, Aug 13, 2020

Session I, Chair: Eun-Ah Kim (Cornell)

8:00am Ashvin Vishwanath (Harvard) From topological ground state to skyrmion superconductivity in magic angle graphene.[Video]
8:45am Andrea Young (UCSB) Pomeranchuk effect and the entropy of fluctuating ferromagnets in twisted bilayer graphene[Video]

Session II, Chair: Andrea Young (UCSB)

10:00am Jie Shan (Cornell) Correlated insulating states in WSe2/WS2 moiré superlattices[Video]
10:45am Inti Sodeman (MPI-PKS) Excitonic Laughlin States in Ideal Topological Insulator Flat Bands and Possible Presence in Moiré Superlattice Materials[Video]
Sessions I & II Discussion in Chat [TXT]

Friday, Aug 14, 2020

Session I, Chair: Cory Dean (Columbia)

8:00am Yuan Cao (MIT) Competing Orders, Nematicity and Novel Josephson Effects in Superconducting Graphene Superlattices[Video]
8:45am Laura Classen (BNL) Van Hove physics in twisted bilayer graphene[Video]

Session II, Chair: Andrey Chubukov (Minnesota)

10:00am Leo Li (Brown) Tuning electron correlation in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene using Coulomb screening[Video]
10:45am Stevan Nadj-Perge (Caltech) Superconductivity, Correlations and Chern insulators in Twisted Bilayer Graphene Stabilized by WSe2[Video]
Sessions I & II Discussion in Chat [TXT]
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