ITP Conference on
Black Holes: Theory Confronts Reality, Three Years Later

Coordinators: O.Blaes R.Blandford D.Eardley A.Esin K.Gebhardt S.Hughes J.Lasota K.Miller C.Reynolds
(February 25-28, 2002)

Speakers: We need your slides, by scanning or by file upload. Please see the ITP staff members at the desk.

Time Speaker Title
Monday, Feb 25, 2002
8:45 David Gross, Coordinators Welcome to the Conference
9:00 Sarah Gibson Coronal mass ejection[Slides][Aud][Cam]
9:45 Charles Gammie Accretion onto Black Holes[Aud][Cam]
11:00 Dana Longcope What role does magnetic field play in heating the solar corona? The present status of models and observations.[Slides]
11:45 Vicky Kalogera Binary systems (evolution)[Slides][Aud][Cam]
2:00 Laura Ferrarese SMBH in AGN[Slides][Aud][Cam]
2:45 Karl Gebhardt SMBH in quiescent galaxies[Slides][Aud][Cam]
4:00 Simon Portegies Zwart BH-BH and stellar clusters[Aud][Cam]
4:45 Kristen Menou SMBH-SMBH mergers[Slides][Aud][Cam]
5:30 Cole Miller Intermediate Mass Black Holes[Slides][Aud][Cam]
Tuesday, Feb 26, 2002
9:00 Rudy Wijnands QPO - observations[Slides][Aud][Cam]
9:45 Dimitrios Psaltis QPO - theory[Slides][Aud][Cam]
11:00 James Reeves K-alpha-lines (Observation)[Slides][Aud][Cam]
11:45 Sergei Nayakshin K-alpha-lines (Theory)[Slides][Aud][Cam]
2:00 Scott Hughes GW from compact stars around SMBH[Slides][Aud][Cam]
2:45 Eric Gourgoulhon GW from BH-BH, ISCO[Slides][Aud][Cam]
4:00 Mitch Begelman ORGANIZED DISCUSSION: Formation and Growth of Black Holes in the Universe[Aud][Cam]
Wednesday, Feb 27, 2002
9:00 Tiziana Di Matteo Observatons of Nonradiative Accretion Flows[Slides][Aud][Cam]
9:45 Eliot Quataert Theory of Nonradiative Accretion Flows[Aud][Cam]
11:00 Chris Reynolds Magnetic Torques in Disks[Slides][Aud][Cam]
2:00 Neal Turner MRI in radiation-pressure dominated flows[Aud][Cam]
2:45 Freddy Hansen Laboratory Experiments on Solar Prominences[Slides][Aud][Cam]
4:00 Sebastian Heinz Jet Theory[Aud][Cam]
4:45 Hendrik Spruit ORGANIZED DISCUSSION: What can the Sun teach us about black hole accretion disks? [Aud][Cam]
Thursday, Feb 28, 2002
9:00 Nahum Arav Winds and Outflows in AGN (Observation)[Slides][Aud][Cam]
9:45 James Chiang Winds in AGN (Theory)[Slides][Aud][Cam]
11:00 Eric Agol Probing Black Holes with Gravitational Lensing[Slides][Vid][Aud][Cam]
11:45 Guillaume Dubus Transient BH X-ray systems[Slides][Aud][Cam]
2:00 Ann Esin Spectra of transient systems[Slides][Aud][Cam]
2:45 Rob Fender Jets from binaries[Slides][Aud][Cam]
4:00 Bob Wagoner ORGANIZED DISCUSSION: Are the "black hole" sources we observe described by the Kerr Metric? [Slides][Aud][Cam]

Poster O.Blaes M.Lee A.Socrates The Kozai resonance and the evolution of binary supermassive black holes
Poster B.von Rekowski A.Brandenburg Global hydromagnetic non-adiabatic disc simulations[Vid]
Poster A.Broderick & R.Blandford General relativistic magnetoionic theory
Poster T.Foglizzo Entropic-acoustic instability in shocked accretion flows
Poster M.Freitag Monte Carlo models of Galactic Nuclei
Poster E.Kalemci J.Tomsick R.Rothschild K.Pottschmidt P.Kaaret R.Wijnands J.Miller State transition of the new black hole transient XTE J1650-500
Poster E.Kalemci J.Tomsick R.Rothschild K.Pottschmidt P.Kaaret Discovery of a 65Hz QPO and possible inner radius retreat in XTE J1550-564 during outburst decay
Poster W.Kluzniak Epicyclic resonance in black-hole accretion disks
Poster D.Turnshek S.Rao Some recent results on QSO/AGN structure and black hole masses
Poster P.Varnière M.Tagger Feeding the corona of X-ray binaries
Poster P.Zycki G.Madejski C.Done Simultaneous Chandra and RXTE observations of the nearby bright Seyfert 2
Poster P.Zycki Predictions for Fourier-resolved X-ray spectroscopy from the model of magnetic flare avalances above an accretion disk with a hot ionized skin

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