Schedule May 25, 2012
Flowing Funnels: Heat Sources for Field Theories and the AdS_3 Dual of CFT_2 Hawking Radiation
Sebastian Fischetti (UCSB)

We construct the general 2+1 dimensional asymptotically AdS_3 solution dual to a stationary 1+1 CFT state on a black hole background. These states involve heat transport by the CFT between the 1+1 black hole and infinity (or between two 1+1 black holes), and so describe the AdS dual of CFT Hawking radiation. Although the CFT stress tensor is typically singular at the past horizon of the 1+1 black hole, the bulk 2+1-dimensional solutions are everywhere smooth, and in fact are diffeomorphic to AdS_3. In particular, we find that Unruh states of the CFT on any finite-temperature 1+1 black hole background are described by extreme horizons in the bulk.

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