Schedule May 25, 2012
Generalized Hidden Kerr/CFT
Antun Skanata (Brown Univ.)

We construct a family of vector fields that generate local symmetries in the solution space of low frequency massless field perturbations in the general Kerr geometry. This yields a one-parameter family of sl(2, R) × sl(2, R) algebras. We identify limits in which the sl(2, R) × sl(2, R) algebra contracts to an SL(2, R) symmetry of the Schwarzschild background. We note that for a par- ticular value of the free parameter, the symmetry algebra generates the quasinor-mal mode spectrum of a Kerr black hole in the large damping limit, suggesting a connection between the hidden conformal symmetry and a fundamental CFT underlying the quantum Kerr black hole.

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