KITP Program: Planetary Boundary Layers in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Ice on Earth and Moons
(Apr 2 - Jun 22, 2018)
Coordinators: Baylor Fox-Kemper, Daria Halkides, Brad Marston, and Fiamma Straneo
Scientific Advisors: Stephen Belcher, Julie Castillo-Rogez, Carter Ohlmann, and Jim McWilliams

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Bachman, Scott (Cambridge)16-Apr-1820-Apr-18
Böing, Steef (Univ. Leeds) 2-Apr-1820-Apr-18
Tobias, Steve (Univ. Leeds) 2-Apr-1821-Apr-18
Liu, Zhiyu (Xiamen Univ.) 2-Apr-1827-Apr-18
Ruan, Xiaozhou (Caltech) 1-May-18 3-May-18
Adams, Kate (UCSD)30-Apr-18 4-May-18
Lacasce, Joe (Univ. Oslo)30-Apr-18 4-May-18
Llewellyn Smith, Stefan (UCSD)30-Apr-18 4-May-18
Pizzo, Nick (UCSD) 2-Apr-18 4-May-18
Rogachevskii, Igor (BGU) 5-Apr-18 4-May-18
Brasseur, Jim (Colorado)23-Apr-1811-May-18
Tandon, Amit (UMass Dartmouth)16-Apr-1811-May-18
Wang, Peng (UCLA)23-Apr-1812-May-18
Ardhuin, Fabrice (IFREMER)30-Apr-1817-May-18
Bachman, Scott (Cambridge)14-May-1818-May-18
Bishop, Stuart (NC State) 7-May-1818-May-18
Doddridge, Ed (MIT)14-May-1818-May-18
Lecoanet, Daniel (Princeton)23-Apr-1818-May-18
Phillips, Will (Swinburne)16-Apr-1818-May-18
Ferrari, Raffaele (MIT) 6-May-1819-May-18
Magnusdottir, Gudrun (UCI)29-Apr-1820-May-18
Harcourt, Ramsey (UW)21-May-1822-May-18
Julien, Keith (Colorado)13-May-1824-May-18
Aluie, Hussein (Rochester)14-May-1825-May-18
Ferreira, David (Univ. Reading) 2-Apr-1825-May-18
Li, Qing (Brown)30-Apr-1825-May-18
Menemenlis, Dimitris (JPL) 2-Apr-1825-May-18
Reichl, Brandon (Princeton)30-Apr-1825-May-18
Wenegrat, Jacob (Stanford)30-Apr-1825-May-18
Ayet, Alex (ENS Paris) 8-Apr-1826-May-18
Halkides, Daria (ESR)19-May-1826-May-18
Villas Boas, Bia (UCSD) 2-Apr-1827-May-18
Belcher, Stephen (UKMET)20-May-1831-May-18
Anderson, William (UT Dallas)21-May-18 1-Jun-18
Husain, Nyla (URI)14-May-18 1-Jun-18
Smith, Shafer (Courant Inst.)14-May-18 1-Jun-18
Balwada, Dhruv (NYU)29-Apr-18 2-Jun-18
Cavaleri, Gigi (ISMAR-CNR)21-May-18 8-Jun-18
Pouquet, Annick (NCAR)29-May-18 9-Jun-18
Bachman, Scott (Cambridge)11-Jun-1815-Jun-18
Bryan, Frank (NCAR) 7-May-1815-Jun-18
Matheou, Georgios (JPL) 4-Jun-1815-Jun-18
Michel, Guillaume (ENS Paris) 2-Apr-1815-Jun-18
Bodner, Abbie (Brown)19-May-1822-Jun-18
Carvalho, Leila (UCSB) 2-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Chini, Gregory (UNH) 2-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Cho, James (QMUL)29-May-1822-Jun-18
Ding, Qinghua (UCSB) 2-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Fox Kemper, Baylor (Brown) 2-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Grisouard, Nico (Univ. Toronto)15-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Hara, Tetsu (URI)23-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Huber, Greg (CZ Biohub) 2-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Jones, Charles (UCSB) 2-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Kushner, Paul (Univ. Toronto)29-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Lawrence, Albion (Brandeis Univ.)29-May-1822-Jun-18
Mc Williams, Jim (UCLA) 2-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Meiburg, Eckart (UCSB) 2-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Mitchell, Jonathan (UCLA) 2-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Ocampo Torres, Paco (CICESE) 4-Jun-1822-Jun-18
Ohlmann, Carter (UCSB) 2-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Richards, Kelvin (Hawaii)14-May-1822-Jun-18
Romero, Leonel (UCSB) 2-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Rosenblum, Erica (SIO) 2-May-1822-Jun-18
Schneider, Tapio (Caltech) 2-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Skitka, Joe (Brown)14-May-1822-Jun-18
Stevenson, Samantha (UCSB) 2-Apr-1822-Jun-18
Thompson, Andy (Caltech) 4-Jun-1822-Jun-18
Webb, Adrean (Kyoto Univ.)11-Jun-1822-Jun-18
Restrepo, Juan (Oregon State)20-May-1823-Jun-18
Marston, Brad (Brown) 2-Apr-1830-Jun-18