KITP Program: Bootstrapping Quantum Gravity
(Jan 3 - Feb 24, 2023)
Coordinators: Agnese Bissi, Eric Perlmutter, Leonardo Rastelli, and Alexander Zhiboedov

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Time Speaker Title
1/04, 11:00am
All Participants
Group Meeting (Discussion)
1/05, 11:00am
Rachel Rosen (Columbia University)
Edgar Shaghoulian (UC Santa Cruz)
Topics in de Sitter (Discussion)
1/06, 2:00pm
Julio Parra-Martinez (Caltech)
Andrew Tolley (Imperial College London)
Pedro Vieira (Perimeter Institute/ICTP-SAIFR)
S-matrix Bootstrap and Gravity (Discussion)
1/09, 11:00am Joaquin Turiaci
Status of JT/RMT duality and applications[Video]
1/10, 2:00pm
Douglas Stanford
Stanford University
Discussion on AdS_2 holography and lessons for higher dimensions
1/11, 11:00am
Tom Hartman
Cornell University
Discussion on 3d gravity and randomness in CFT
1/12, 11:00am Xi Yin
Harvard University
What string field theory is good for[Video]
1/13, 2:00pm Balt van Rees
Ecole Polytechnique
The flat-space limit of gapped QFTs in AdS[Video]
1/17, 2:00pm Nikolay Bobev
KU Leuven
Holography and Large N Supersymmetric Localization[Video]
1/18, 11:00am
Matthew Dodelson
Luca Iliesiu
(Stanford University)
Discussion: Black Holes and the Bootstrap
1/19, 11:00am Simon Caron-Huot
McGill University
Discussion: Gravity effective theories and the bootstrap[Video]
1/20, 2:00pm Simeon Hellerman
Large Quantum Number, Possibly Including In Quantum Gravity Maybe[Video]
1/23-1/26 Conference: Gravity from algebra: modern field theory methods for holography
1/30, 4:00pm Josephine Suh
Deriving gravity from quantum-mechanical correlators[Video]
1/31, 2:00pm Dalimil Mazac
Sridip Pal
Automorphic Spectra and Conformal Bootstrap
2/01, 11:00am Miguel Montero
(Harvard U)
Irene Valenzuela
Swampland FAQs for Bootstrap[Video]
2/02, 11:00am
Scott Collier
Princeton U
Discussion on 3d gravity, bootstrap, and Teichmuller TQFT
2/02, 2:00pm João Penedones
Bootstrapping quantum gravity
KITP Blackboard Lunch
2/06, 11:00am Andrei Parnachev
Trinity Dublin
Thermal correlators, OPE and holography[Video]
2/07, 2:00pm Shota Komatsu
Victor Gorbenko
Bootstrap and dS
2/08, 11:00am Andrea Guerrieri
Tel Aviv Univ.
2/08, 11:30am Joao Penedones
Gravitational S-matrix bootstrap
2/09, 11:00am Nick Geiser
Grant Remmen
Bootstrapping String-like Amplitudes[Video]
2/10, 2:00pm Xinan Zhou
Yangian symmetry in holographic correlators[Video]
2/13, 11:00am Pietro Ferrero
SCGP, Stony Brook
Gluon scattering in AdS from supersymmetric localization[Video]
2/14, 2:00pm Shiraz Minwalla
2/15, 11:00am
Diego Hofman
University of Amsterdam
2/16, 11:00am Nathan Benjamin
Scalar bootstrap and zeros of the Riemann zeta function[Video]
2/21, 2:00pm Ying Lin
Witten's gift horse & equine dentistry[Video]
2/22, 11:00am Aninda Sinha
Bell violation in light by light scattering and the need for the axion[Video]
2/23, 11:00am Tarek Anous
Queen Mary University of London
An EFT principle for low dimensional gravity[Video]
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