KITP Program: The Small-Scale Structure of Cold(?) Dark Matter
(Apr 9 - Jun 22, 2018)
Coordinators: Laura Baudis, Graciela Gelmini, and Julio Navarro
Scientific Advisors: Mike Boylan-Kolchin, Simona Murgia, and Josh Simon

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Time Speaker Title
4/09, 1:00pm All Participants Welcome and Introductions
4/13, 10:30am Mikhail Medvedev
University of Kansas
Cosmology of flavor-mixed Dark Matter[Slides][Podcast][Video]
4/16, 1:30pm Sownak Bose
The Small(est) Scale Structure of Cold Dark Matter[Podcast][Video]
4/17, 1:00pm Marcel Pawlowski
UC Irvine
The Plane of Satellite Galaxies Problem: Suggested Solutions and Open Problems[Slides][Podcast][Video]
4/18, 12:00pm Antonella Garzilli
Niels Bohr Institute
Current Constraints on Warm Dark Matter from Large Scale Structure[Podcast][Video]
4/19, 1:00pm Christof Wetterich
Coupled Dark Energy and Dark Matter[Podcast][Video]
4/19, 1:45pm Sheldon Campbell
UC Irvine
One Theorist's Wish List for Small Scale Structure of Particle Dark Matter[Slides][Podcast][Video]
4/20, 10:30am Justin Read
Surrey & KITP
Dark Matter Heating[Podcast][Video]
4/23, 1:30pm Yashar Hezaveh
Stanford & KITP
Mapping the Small Scale Structure of Dark Matter with Strong Lensing[Slides][Podcast][Video]
4/24, 1:00pm Sergio Palomares Ruiz
IFIC, Valencia & KITP
Probing exotic dark matter scenarios with neutrinos[Slides][Podcast][Video]
4/24, 1:00pm Subir Sarkar
Oxford/Copenhagen & KITP
Probing dark matter through solar neutrino fluxes[Slides][Podcast][Video]
4/25, 12:00pm Volodymyr Takhistov
Compact Stars as Primordial Black Hole Laboratories[Embargoed]
4/26, 1:00pm Nicolas Martin
Strasbourg & KITP
Are faint Milky Way satellites really dwarf galaxies?[Podcast][Video]
4/26, 1:00pm Nassim Bozorgnia
Durham & KITP
Stellar Streams as Probes of the Dark Matter Particle Nature[Slides][Podcast][Video]
4/27, 10:30am Manoj Kaplinghat
UC Irvine & KITP
Self-Interacting Dark Matter[Podcast][Video]
04/30 - 05/04 Conference: Dark matter detection and detectability: paradigm confirmation or shift?
5/07, 1:30pm Lucio Mayer
Zurich & KITP
LISA GW detections and the nature of dark matter halos in dwarf galaxies[Slides][Podcast][Video]
5/08, 1:00pm Mirko Boezio
Trieste & KITP
Cosmic rays and indirect dark matter detection[Slides][Podcast][Video]
5/09, 12:00pm Carlos Frenk
How to rule out CDM (or most interesting alternatives)[Slides][Podcast][Video]
5/10, 1:00pm Alex Kusenko
The dark side of the light neutrinos[Slides][Podcast][Video]
5/11, 10:30am Neal Dalal
Perimeter & KITP
Caustics in Clusters[Podcast][Video]
5/14 12:15pm Kim Boddy
Univ. Hawaii & KITP
The Quest to Understand Dark Matter: From Large to Small Scales[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
5/14, 1:30pm Sean Tulin
York University & KITP
SIDM in clusters[Podcast][Video]
5/15, 1:00pm Pierre Sikivie
The 21 cm signal and axion dark matter[Podcast][Video]
5/16, 12:00pm Yiming Zhong
Cooling of SIDM halos and the birth of supermassive black holes[Slides][Podcast][Video]
5/16 6:15pm Alex Drlica-Wagner
Fermilab & KITP
Small Galaxies, Big Science: Probing Fundamental Physics with Dwarf Galaxies[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
KITP Friends Talk
5/17, 1:00pm Aaron Ludlow
Cold and warm dark matter halo structure[Slides][Podcast][Video]
5/18, 10:30am Keith Bechtol
Ultra-faint galaxies[Slides][Podcast][Video]
5/21, 1:00pm Ethan Nadler
Stanford & KITP
Modeling Subhalos and Satellites in Milky Way-like Systems[Slides][Podcast][Video]
5/22, 1:00pm Alejandro Benitez-Llambay
Durham & KITP
Starless low-mass dark matter halos[Slides][Podcast][Video]
5/23, 12:00pm Harry Nelson
The status of the LZ dark matter search[Slides][Podcast][Video]
5/24, 1:00pm Simona Vegetti
MPA Garching & KITP
Probing dark matter with strong gravitational lensing observations[Embargoed]
5/25, 10:30am Neelima Sehgal
Stony Brook & KITP
Gravitational Lensing of the CMB: A New Frontier to Probe Fundamental Physics[Slides][Podcast][Video]
5/29, 1:30pm Ting Li
Stellar Streams in the Milky Way[Podcast][Video]
5/29 2:00pm Laura Baudis
Univ. of Zurich & KITP
Results from the 1 tonne*year dark matter search with XENON1T[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
KITP Colloquium
5/30, 12:00pm Chervin Laporte
Dark matter on the scale of galaxy clusters and dwarf galaxies: a cautionary tale[Podcast][Video]
5/31, 1:30pm Jodi Cooley
SuperCDMS in a nutshell[Slides][Podcast][Video]
6/01, 10:30am Frank van den Bosch
Yale & KITP
The Tidal Evolution of Dark Matter Substructure[Podcast][Video]
6/04 12:15pm Mike Boylan-Kolchin
UT Austin & KITP
Small-scale Challenges to the Lambda-CDM Paradigm[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
6/04, 1:30pm Martin Hoferichter
U. Washington & KITP
Interpreting limits from direct detection experiments[Slides][Podcast][Video]
6/05, 1:00pm Tracy Slatyer
What the CMB and 21cm Can Teach Us About Dark Matter[Slides][Podcast][Video]
6/06, 12:00pm Tim Tait
UC Irvine & KITP
Are WIMPS really dead?[Slides][Podcast][Video]
6/07, 1:00pm Frank van den Bosch
Yale & KITP
The Galaxy-Halo Connection[Podcast][Video]
6/08, 1:00pm Romain Teyssier
(Zurich & KITP)
Robert Feldmann
(Zurich & KITP)
Discussion: Challenges of simulating very faint galaxies[Podcast][Video]
6/11, 1:30pm Julio and Graciela CDM18 new participant welcome, general introductions
6/11, 1:30pm Julio Navarro
(U Vic & KITP)
Graciela Gelmini
The origin of galaxy scaling laws in LCDM[Slides][Podcast][Video]
6/12, 1:00pm Yanou Cui
UC Riverside
New observational windows for probing Hidden Dark Sectors[Podcast][Video]
6/13, 12:00pm Romain Teyssier
U Zurich & KITP
Theoretical predictions for dark matter non-linear dynamics: the challenges of sub-percent accuracy[Slides][Podcast][Video]
6/14, 1:00pm Josh Simon
Carnegie Obs & KITP
Dwarf galaxy studies with upcoming telescopes[Slides][Podcast][Video]
6/15, 10:30am Robert Feldmann
U Zurich & KITP
To Be Accreted -- The growth of dark matter halos and their galaxies[Podcast][Video]
6/18, 1:30pm Matthias Steinmetz
AIP Potsdam
Galaxy Formation and the Formation of the Galaxy[Slides][Podcast][Video]
6/19, 1:00pm Robyn Ellyn Sanderson
Caltech & KITP
Synthetic Gaia surveys and tests of DM theories[Slides][Podcast][Video]
6/20, 1:30pm Flip Tanedo
UC Riverside
Revisiting Dark Matter Complementarity[Notes][Podcast][Video]
6/21, 1:00pm Mike Boylan-Kolchin
U Texas Austin & KITP
Simulating Non-Linear Structure in Different DM Models[Slides][Podcast][Video]
6/22, 10:30am All CDM18 Program Participants Roundtable Discussion
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