Schedule Aug 20, 2002
Correlated Electron Dynamics in SrRuO3
Dr. Steve Dodge, Simon Fraser University, Canada
The conductivity of SrRuO_3 exhibits an anomalous power-law frequency dependence, much like the optimally doped cuprates. In contrast to high temperature superconductors, however, SrRuO_3 is a ferromagnetic metal, so its normal-state quasiparticle dynamics can be examined at low temperatures and frequencies, where Fermi liquid theory is expected to be most reliable. Using a combination of time-domain terahertz and infrared spectroscopies, we have found that the conductivity of our thin film samples follows a remarkably simple form that deviates sharply from Fermi liquid theory. However, subsequent dc transport measurements, on single crystal samples and at millikelvin temperatures, recover Fermi liquid phenomenology. This suggests that the Fermi liquid regime of this material is quite restricted, and sensitive to disorder, while a separate phenomenology governs the regime covered in our measurements.

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