Schedule Aug 16, 2012
Discussion: Further Issues in GW Searches

Alessandra :
more details on comparison between burst and matched filter searches.

Enrico Barausse :

-what are the expected rates for highly eccentric compact binaries? how certain are those rates? what are they based on? what are the expected astroph formation mechanisms for CO binaries?
(maybe discussed already when answering Janna's question yday, but if so I did not get it)

-also, we talked about the maximum mass of observed BH candidates (20 Msun?). what if IMBHs exist, will aLIGO see IMBH+BH? up to what distance/redshift?

Atish : Introduction to "Pulsar timing arrays" and other techniques/approaches to detect GWs ?
Could someone summarize results from past triggered or otherwise searches and lessons learnt ?

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