Probing the Universe with the Cosmic Microwave Background
ITP Miniprogram, July 10-28, 2000
Coordinators: Sarah Church, Bill Holzapfel, Marc Kamionkowski, Martin White

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The intent is to bring together researchers working on all aspects of the cosmic microwave background. This will include anisotropies and polarization from the epoch of recombination as well as from the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect. The workshop will allow us to digest exciting new results from an array of experiments and satellites, and to think about where to go next with the CMB. We look forward to fruitful interactions between experimentalists and theorists and a workshop environment (namely time for discussion and few "boiler-plate" talks) that will foster new collaborative efforts.

We anticipate a larger (~40 people) attendance during the first week (Jul 10-14) which will focus intensively on presentations and discussion of recent experimental results. This will be followed by two subsequent weeks with an expected attendance of roughly 20 people. An important aspect of an ITP mini-program is the presence of a strong core of three week participants. We understand that experimentalists may find it difficult to schedule attendance for more than one week. We thus hope that experimentalists will be able to join us at least for the first week (and would be more than welcome to stay for a longer period). Among theorists, short stays will be considered, but preference will be given to those able to remain at Santa Barbara during the entire three-week period. We have a limited budget to help defray the expenses of participants in the program. The coordinators are Sarah Church: schurch@leland.stanford.edu, Bill Holzapfel: swlh@socrates.berkeley.edu, Marc Kamionkowski: kamion@tapir.caltech.edu, and Martin White: mwhite@cfa.harvard.edu. Please feel free to contact any of them for information about the scope of the program.

Please apply as soon as possible. We intend to begin inviting participants before the end of March.

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