Schedule Apr 27, 2007
Properties of Unitary Fermi Gas from the Epsilon Expansion
Andrei Kryjevski (Indiana Univ.)

An analytical technique for a dilute Fermi gas with two bodyinteractions characterized by infinite scattering length and zeroeffective range (unitary Fermi gas) has been proposed recently (NishidaSon,Phys.Rev.Lett.97:050403,2006). The idea is to perform perturbationtheory in the number of space dimensions near D=4 (cf. Epsilonexpansion in the theory of critical phenomena).Predictions for some properties of the Unitary Fermi Gas will be presented:
1. effective Lagrangian (Ginzburg Landau-like functional) for theUnitary Fermi Gas and its applications i structure of a superfluid vortex, ii surface tension of the normal/superfluid phase interface in thepolarized (imbalanced) gas
2. the low energy dynamic structure factor.

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