Schedule Apr 27, 2007
Strongly Interacting Fermi Gases: Rotation and Optical Lattices
Hui Zhai (Ohio State Univ.)

in collaboration with Tin-Lun Ho

Department of Physics, Ohio-State University, Columbus, OH

Feshbach resonance gives rise to the strongest fermionic superfluid whose pairing energy is of the same order of magnitude as the Fermi energy. Under certain circumstance, the physics becomes even more intriguing due to the interplay between resonance physics and Landau levels (when the gases are under fast rotation) or band structure (when the gases are loaded into optical lattices). Here we will report (i) in the rotating superfluid how the critical rotational frequency for destroying superfluidity depends on the scattering length, where the Landau level structure will manifest itself in a series of steps in the phase boundary; (ii) in the optical lattices the fermion superfluid will turn into a band-insulator as the increase of lattice depth, which is driven by energy gain in promoting fermions from valence band to various conducting bands to form Cooper pairs.

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