Schedule Dec 03, 2008
Sonal Atoms - Atomic Decomposition/Composition of Sound and, Experiencing the Quantum Realm - Visualizing and Sonifying the Bloch Sphere and Time Dependent Schrodinger Equation
Dennis Atterton, J. Kuchera-Morin, L. Putnam, C. Roads, & B. Sturm

In this discussion we will describe our ongoing research in visualizing and sonifying mathematical constructs at the atomic and quantum levels.

In the first part of the lecture, we will discuss granular synthesis, and a family of time-frequency analysis techniques known as "atomic decomposition" or "dictionary-based methods." In the second part of the lecture, we will describe our research into sonification and visualization of two models used in quantum mechanics- the Bloch sphere and the time-dependent Schrodinger equation.

The role of the artist is to make the invisible visible, and as such, we are interested in providing an experience of these models through real-time interaction and multimodal representation. Imagine you could shrink yourself down to an electron and navigate the probability wave. Would you discover new patterns in the information by this type of investigation? If we construct perceptual representations based on mathematical models, we may discover new insights about our data.

We will demonstrate our research aurally and visually, and culminate with an immersive demonstration in the Allosphere research instrument.

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