Schedule Feb 03, 2010
Linking Neurons to Individual Differences in Perceptual Skill
Miguel Eckstein, UCSB

Most of you have normal or corrected vision. Thus, you might think that with training you might be quite competent working in a job that demanded life-critical perceptual decisions such as finding tumors in medical images, recognizing hazardous objects in baggage x-rays or identifying potential dangers in satellite imagery. However, often overlooked, humans with normal vision differ greatly in in their ability to make difficult perceptual judgments. Furthermore, humans show systematic differences in where they direct their eyes when having to make perceptual judgments such as identifying faces. What might explain this difference across humans in perceptual performance and eye movement exploration? Can one infer an individual^Ys perceptual performance from their neural activity? And are there brain regions and time-periods of neural activity that are most predictive of human perceptual performance?

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