Schedule Mar 09, 2017
Challenges and future directions in cosmological simulations
Federico Marinacci, MIT

The importance of cosmological simulations as a tool to study the evolution of our Universe has steadily grown over the recent years. Thanks to the astonishing increase of computing power, numerical simulations have accomplished tremendous progress, and are now able to recreate virtual universes on a supercomputer that are in agreement with key observed properties of galaxies. In my talk, I will review the challenges, both physical and numerical, that cosmological simulations must overcome to accomplish this feat. I will briefly describe how the fundamental physical processes needed to model the formation and evolution of galaxies are included in such codes, and present what is the state of the art in these calculations. I will then review ongoing efforts aimed at improving the maximum resolution, simulated volume and physical fidelity of the current generation of cosmological simulations, an important step forward to build a comprehensive theoretical understanding of the evolution of the Universe.

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