Schedule Apr 02, 2010
The LCOGT Network
Avi Shporer (LCOGT)

A. Shporer, T. Brown, T. Lister, R. Street, Y. Tsapras

The Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope (LCOGT) is a privately supported network of small- to medium-sized fully robotic telescopes. Once completed, the network will be spread around the globe to allow continuous observations from both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. LCOGT will be a unique tool in the study of time-varying astronomy. The network currently includes two 2m telescopes, FTN in Hawaii and FTS in Australia. During the coming year LCOGT will begin deploying 1m telescopes at CTIO in Chile, and SAAO in South Africa. One of the fields the LCOGT science team focuses on is extrasolar planets, specifically microlensing and transiting planets. LCOGT telescopes form the backbone of the observing network used in the microlensing search for cold planets conducted by the RoboNet collaboration and regularly conduct follow-up observations of transiting planet candidates and known planets. The increasing amount of LCOGT observational resources in the coming years will be of great service to the exoplanet community.

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