KITP Online Reunion Conference: Exostar Redux
(Aug 26-27, 2020)
Coordinators: Rebekah Dawson, Jim Fuller, Daniel Huber, Katja Poppenhaeger, and Victor Silva Aguirre

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Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020

Session: Accurate determination of stellar properties, Chair: Victor Silva Aguirre (Aarhus Univ.)

8:00am Victor Silva Aguirre (Aarhus Univ.) Welcome[Video]
8:05am Pierre Maxted (Keele Univ.) Direct effective temperature measurements from eclipsing binaries[Slides][Video]
8:20am Phil Muirhead (Boston Univ.) Intensification and Saturation of M-dwarf Absorption Lines with Rossby Number[Slides][Video]
8:35am Ruth Angus (AMNH) Calibrating gyrochronology with Galactic kinematics[Slides][Video]
8:50am All Participants Discussion 1[Video]
Discussion 1 in Chat [TXT]
9:20am Dimitri Veras (Warwick Univ.)
Jake Clark (U. Southern Queensland)
Joshua Pepper (Lehigh Univ.)
Theron Carmichael (Harvard)
Jason Eastman (Harvard)
One minute lightning talks 1[Slides][Video]

Session: Star planet interaction and habitability, Chair: Katja Poppenhaeger (Leibniz Inst.)

10:00am Tyler Gordon (UW) Measuring Stellar Rotation in the K2 Sample[Slides][Video]
10:15am Aomawa Shields (UCI) The Star-Planet Climate Connection: Energy Budgets for Terrestrial Extrasolar Planets?[Slides][Video]
10:30am Adam Jermyn (Flatiron) Tides, Differential Rotation, and Eclipsing Binaries[Slides][Video]
10:45am Ekaterina Ilin (AIP) One minute lightning talks 2[Slides][Video]
11:15am All Participants Discussion 2[Video]
Discussion 2 in Chat [TXT]

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020

Session: Characterization of exoplanets, Chair: Rebekah Dawson (Penn State)

8:00am Natalia Guerrero (MIT) Updates on the TESS Objects of Interest Catalog from the TESS Prime Mission[Slides][Video]
8:15am Lauren Weiss (Univ. of Hawaii) The Discovery of the Long-Period, Eccentric Planet Kepler-88 d and System Characterization with Radial Velocities and Photodynamical Analysis[Video]
8:30am Diana Valencia (Univ. of Toronto) Connecting the chemical composition of rocky exoplanets to that of stars[Slides][Video]
8:45am All Participants Discussion 3[Video]
Discussion 3 in Chat [TXT]
9:15am Yang Jia-Yi (NJU)
Elisabeth Adams (PSI)
Bernardo Pereira (UFMG)
Eric Agol (UW)
One minute lightning talks 3[Slides][Video]

Session: Evolution of Star-Planet Systems, Chair: Jim Fuller (Caltech)

10:00am Travis Berger (Hawaii) A Stellar Age Dependence of the Planet Radius Gap[Slides][Video]
10:15am Boris Gaensicke (Warwick Univ.) Planets around white dwarfs: discovery and interpretation of the observations[Slides][Video]
10:30am Dimitri Veras (Warwick Univ.) Planets around white dwarfs: physical and dynamical constraints[Slides][Video]
10:45am All Participants Discussion 4[Video]
Discussion 4 in Chat [TXT]
11:15am Tim Cunningham (Warwick)
Ry Cutter (Warwick)
Katja Poppenhäger (AIP)
Hilke Schlichting (UCLA)
One minute lightning talks 4[Slides][Video]
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