KITP Program: The Galaxy-Halo Connection Across Cosmic Time
(Apr 24 - Jul 14, 2017)
Coordinators: Alexie Leauthaud, Risa Wechsler, and Andrew Zentner

Scientific Advisors: Carlos Frenk, Marla Geha, Andrey Kravtsov, Romain Teyssier, and Martin White

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Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
7/13, 2:00pm All participants Final discussion on important questions and progress in the galaxy halo connection[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
7/12 6:15pm Risa Wechsler
Stanford & KITP
Mapping the Dark Cosmos[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
KITP Chalk Talk
7/12, 2:45pm Andrey Kravtsov
U. Chicago & KITP
20-min talk[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
7/12, 2:00pm Rachel Somerville
20-min talk
7/11, 2:00pm Jeremy Tinker
Frank van den Bosch
Moderated discussion on quenching[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
7/10, 2:00pm Peter Creasey
UC Riverside
Do metal-poor globular clusters form in the centers of high-redshift halos?; and arXiv discussion[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
7/07, 2:00pm Joel Primack
Structural evolution in the galaxy-halo connection, and halo properties as a function of environment density and web location [Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
7/06, 2:00pm Silvia Bonoli
Alison Coil
Moderated discussion on on the AGN-halo connection[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
7/05, 2:00pm Ran Li
Robert Feldmann
Ethan Nadler
Three 10 min talks[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/30, 2:00pm Elisabeth Krause
Stanford & KITP
DES Y1 3x2pt analysis[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/29, 2:00pm Nitya Kallivayalil
(U. Virginia & KITP)
Laura Sales
(UC Riverside & KITP)
arXiv discussion; dwarf galaxies[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/28, 2:00pm Aaron Romanowsky
Frank van den Bosch
20 min talks[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/27, 2:00pm Oleg Gnedin
(Univ. of Michigan & KITP)
Andrey Kravtsov
(U. Chicago & KITP)
Globular cluster modeling[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/23, 2:00pm Jennifer Lotz
Risa Wechsler
(Stanford & KITP)
York-Peng Yao
(Michigan & KITP)
10 min talks[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/22, 2:00pm Andrey Kravtsov.
U. Chicago & KITP
Ultra Diffuse Galaxies and recent arxiv papers on this topic[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/21, 2:30pm Neal Dalal
Univ. of Illinois & KITP
Satellite kinematics in galaxy clusters[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/21, 2:00pm Robert Feldmann
Berkeley & KITP
The link between galactic star formation and halo growth -- Insights from cosmological simulations[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/20, 2:00pm Alessandro Sonnenfeld
Moderated discussion: Halo mass as a function of galaxy color[Aud][Cam]
6/16, 2:00pm Martin White
Boris Leistedt
Joanne Cohn
Modeling cross-correlations[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/15, 2:00pm All Participants Archive Discussion
6/14, 2:00pm Moderated Discussion The globular cluster halo connection[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/13, 2:00pm All Participants Moderated Discussion: Galaxy sizes[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/09, 2:00pm Alessandro Sonnenfeld
Andrey Kravtsov
(U. Chicago & KITP)
Raul Angulo
10 min talks[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/08, 2:00pm All Participants ArXiv discussion
6/07, 2:00pm All Participants Archive discussion or moderated discussion
6/06, 2:40pm Mike Fall
Understanding galaxy formation from Deep Hubble Images: The forward-modeling approach[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/06, 2:00pm Johannes Lange
(Yale & KITP)
Brighest halo galaxies as tracers of the halo center in SDSS DR7[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/02, 2:00pm Anupreeta More
Neal Dalal
(Univ. of Illinois & KITP)
Discussion on assembly bias / detecting substructure with strong lensing[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
6/01, 2:00pm All Participants ArXiv discussion
5/31, 2:00pm Peng Oh
Make it. Shake it. Bake it. Warm ionized gas in the CGM[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/31, 2:00pm Mark Voit
Precipitation and Feedback[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/30, 2:00pm Frank van den Bosch
(Yale & KITP)
Andrew Hearin
(Yale & KITP)
Alyson Brooks
(Rutgers & KITP)
Discussion: Sub halos[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/26, 2:00pm Surhud More
Ten-minute Talk: Time domain science with the Subaru telescope
5/26, 2:00pm Guinevere Kauffmann
(Max Planck Garching & KITP)
Ten-minute Talk: Environmental effects in semi-analytic models of galaxy formation
5/26, 2:00pm Benjamin Moster
(Univ. of Munich & KITP)
Ten-minute Talk: Some more details on EMERGE[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/25, 2:00pm All Participants ArXiv Discussion
5/24, 2:00pm Benedikt Diemer
(Harvard-Smithsonian CfA & KITP)
Andrew Hearin
(Yale & KITP)
Colossus / Halo Tools
5/23, 2:00pm Simon White
(MPA-Garching & KITP)
Yao Yuan Mao
(Stanford & KITP)
Moderated discussion: assembly bias[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
05/22 12:15pm Risa Wechsler
Stanford & KITP
The Galaxy-Halo Connection[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
5/15-19 Conference: Quantifying and Understanding the Galaxy-Halo Connection
5/12, 2:00pm Hironao Miyatake
Benedikt Diemer
(Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
Tim Eiffler
10 min talks
5/11, 2:00pm All Participants ArXiv discussion
5/10, 2:30pm Song Huang
Nearby Massive Galaxies[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/10, 2:00pm Lucio Mayer
Univ. Zurich & KITP
Gaseous Halos[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/09, 2:00pm All All participants-Moderated discussion: assembly bias
5/05, 2:00pm All Participants Mini-talks (topics will be decided on Monday)
5/04, 2:00pm All Participants Arxiv discussion
5/03, 2:00pm Stephen Justham
Understanding the impact of massive stars on the galaxy halo connection[Podcast][Aud][Cam]
5/02, 2:00pm All Participants Moderated Discussion: Scatter in the galaxy-halo connection
4/24, 2:00pm All Participants Organizational meeting
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