KITP Program: Correlated Gapless Quantum Matter
(Mar 18 - May 24, 2024)
Coordinators: Ribhu Kaul, Zhu-Xi Luo, Aavishkar Patel, Alex Thomson and Cenke Xu
Scientific Advisors: Erez Berg, Sung-Sik Lee, Subir Sachdev, and Senthil Todadri

Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
3/19, 11:00am Masaki Oshikawa
Construction of Gapped and Gapless Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases with Duality Transformations[Video][CC]
3/21, 11:00am Thomas Scaffidi
Solvable models for 2+1D quantum critical points: Loop soups of 1+1D conformal field theories[Slides][Video][CC]
3/21, 2:00pm Thomas Scaffidi
Symmetry-protected topological orders in gapless systems[Video][CC]
3/25, 2:00pm All participants Meet & Greet
3/26, 11:00am Senthil Todadri
Field theory ideas of deconfined quantum critical points[Video]
3/26, 2:00pm Senthil Todadri
Discussion: Field theory ideas of deconfined quantum critical points[Video]
3/26, 2:30pm Ribhu Kaul
Penn State University
Microscopic models of dQCP[Video]
3/28, 11:00am Fakher Assaad
University of Wurzburg
Fermion models of deconfined quantum criticality[Video]
3/28, 2:00pm Anders Sandvik
Boston University
Possible resolution of the DQCP enigma[Video][CC]
4/01, 2:00pm All participants Meet & Greet
4/02, 11:00am Louk Rademaker
University of Geneva
Scaling near continuous metal-insulator transitions[Slides][Video][CC]
4/02, 2:00pm Dominic Else
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Discussion: Compressible States[Video]
4/04, 11:00am Zi Yang Meng
University of Hong Kong
Entanglement entropy at the deconfined quantum critical points[Video][CC]
4/04, 11:45am Frederico Becca
University of Trieste
Gapless (and gapped) wave functions for quantum spin liquids[Video][CC]
4/04, 2:00pm Slava Rychkov
Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, Bures-sur-Yvette
Discussion: Conformal bootstrap[Video]
4/08, 12:15pm Cenke Xu
Gapless Quantum Systems: The Legitimate Spherical Chicken [Video]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
4/08, 2:00pm All participants Meet and Greet
4/09, 11:00am Hongchen Jiang
Stanford University
Superconductivity and charge order in doped Hubbard model and their interplay with electron attraction and inhomogeneity[Video][CC]
4/09, 11:45am Po-Shen Hsin
King's College London
Gapless SPT and Higgs-Confinement Transition in QCD[Video][CC]
4/09, 2:00pm Tarun Grover
UC San Diego
Discussion: Aspects of mixed state phases and phase transitions[Video]
4/11, 11:00am Umang Mehta
University of Colorado Boulder
Perturbative non-Fermi liquids from nonlinear bosonization[Video][CC]
4/11, 11:45am Anton Burkov
U. Waterloo
Strong correlations and disorder in topological semimetals[Video][CC]
4/11, 2:00pm Zhu-Xi Luo
(Harvard University)
Yichen Xu
(Cornell University)
Discussion: Garden of LSMOHs in mixed states[Video]
4/15, 2:00pm All participants Meet & Greet
4/16, 11:00am Shailesh Chandrasekharan
Duke University
Qubit Regularization of Asymptotic Freedom: Search for Gaussian Criticality in the UV[Video][CC]
4/16, 11:45am Ho-Tat Lam
Non-invertible symmetry in QED and QCD[Video]
4/16, 2:00pm Cenke Xu
Yi-Zhuang You
Discussion: Symmetric mass generation from condensed matter perspective[Video]
4/18, 11:00am Simon Catterall
Syracuse University
Exact lattice fermion anomalies and symmetric mass generation[Video][CC]
4/18, 2:00pm Po-Shen Hsin
King's College London
Discussion: Symmetry and anomaly in fermion systems[Video]
4/22, 2:00pm All participants Meet & Greet
4/23, 11:00am Shouvik Sur
Rice University
Non-Fermi liquids, non Fermi-liquids, and topology: from flat bands to Greens function zeros[Video][CC]
4/23, 11:45am Chao-Jung Lee
Superconductor-insulator transition revisited from composite fermion[Video][CC]
4/23, 2:00pm Aavishkar Patel
Flatiron Institute
Discussion: Experimental phenomenology and theoretical models of non-Fermi liquids and strange metals[Video][CC]
4/25, 11:00am Tessa Cookmeyer
FL to FL* transition: CeCoIn5 and an exactly solvable model[Video][CC]
4/25, 11:45am Peter Lunts
Harvard University
Strange metals in a model with disordered interactions via large scale Monte Carlo[Video][CC]
4/25, 2:00pm Umang Mehta
University of Colorado Boulder
Discussion: Perspectives on Fermi surface bosonization[Video]
4/29, 2:00pm All participants Meet and Greet
4/30, 11:00am Qimiao Si
Rice University
Strange metals for correlated topology and amplified entanglement[Embargoed]
4/30, 11:45am Yuxuan Wang
University of Florida
Bosonization of a Fermi surface in a weak magnetic field[Video]
4/30, 2:00pm Xueyang Song
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Proximate phases and Phase transitions of quantum Hall states in Moire systems[Video][CC]
5/02, 11:00am Ashley Cook
Max Planck Institute
Quantum skyrmion Hall effect[Video][CC]
5/02, 11:45am Jianhao Zhang
Penn State University
Strong-to-weak spontaneous symmetry breaking in mixed quantum states[Video][CC]
5/02, 2:00pm Yin-Chen He
Perimeter Institute
Fuzzy sphere regularization of 3D CFT[Video]
5/07, 11:00am Andrey Chubukov
University of Minnesota
Eliashberg theory of quantum criticality. When it works and when it doesn't.[Video]
5/07, 11:45am Haoyu Guo
Cornell University
Fluctuation Spectrum of Critical Fermi Surface from Eliashberg Theories[Video]
5/07, 2:00pm Donna Sheng
CSU Northridge
Discussion on Gapless spin liquid and proximate phase in frustrated spin system[Video][CC]
5/08, 1:30pm Jong Yeon Lee
spontaneous symmetry breaking of continuous symmetry in one dimension[Video][CC]
5/08, 2:30pm Chong Wang
Perimeter Institute
DQCP, Dirac spin liquids and beyond: a unified view[Video][CC]
5/09, 11:00am Debanjan Chowdhury
Cornell University
Intertwined orders and quantum criticality in an electronic flatland[Video][CC]
5/09, 11:45am Yi-Ting Hsu
University of Notre Dame
Probing Unconventional Superconductivity through Quantum Geometry[Video][CC]
5/09, 2:00pm Andrew Potter
University of British Columbia
1. Intrinsically gapless SPTs & 2. Topological Holography[Video]
5/13-5/16 Conference: Theories, Experiments and Numerics on Gapless Quantum Many-body Systems
5/21, 11:00am Lucile Savary
ENS Lyon
Derivation and diagonalization of quantum kinetic equations for bosons and fermions[Video][CC]
5/21, 11:45am Yahui Zhang
Johns Hopkins University
High Tc superconductivity and Fermi liquid transition in bilayer nickelate[Video][CC]
5/21, 2:00pm Subir Sachdev
Harvard University
The pseudogap metal and its confinement transitions[Slides][Video][CC]
5/22, 1:30pm Eunah Kim
Cornell University
Fractionalization in the trimer model of twisted bilayer graphene[Video][CC]
5/22, 2:15pm Dmitrii Maslov
University of Florida
Conductivity of clean Fermi liquids[Video][CC]
5/23, 11:00am Sung-Sik Lee
McMaster University
Space of non-Fermi liquids[Slides][Video][CC]
5/23, 11:45am Liujun Zou
National University of Singapore
Symmetry-enforced exotic quantum matter[Video][CC]
5/23, 2:00pm Yizhi You
Northeastern University
Fracton liquids and higher-rank Gauge theory[Video]