Schedule Mar 18, 2011
A Weak-Lensing Signature of the LSS Filament in the Abell 222/223 Super-Cluster
Joerg Dietrich (Univ. Michigan)

It is a firm prediction of the CDM model that galaxy clusters live at the intersection of large-scale structure (LSS) filaments. Baryonic tracers of these filaments have been observed for a long time. Although several candidates for the detection of their total mass via weak lensing were reported in the literature (Kaiser et al. 1998, Gray et al. 2002, Dietrich et al. 2005), a convincing signal remained elusive (Gavazzi et al. 2004, Heymans et al. 2008). We will revisit the possible weak-lensing detection of the LSS filament between the clusters A 222 and A 223 based on high-quality Suprime-Cam data. These data show tantalizing evidence for a matter bridge connecting the main components of the super-cluster system. We will discuss the significance of this signal. Together with the deep XMM-Newton data, which led to a detection of WHIM emission from the filament (Werner et al. 2008), we put limits on the physical properties of the super-cluster's inter-cluster medium.

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