Schedule Mar 18, 2011
The X-ray Properties of Galaxy Clusters with Comparisons to Weak Lensing Observations
Paul Giles (Univ. Bristol)

We present work detailing the analysis of a complete, volume-limited sub-sample of 35 X-ray luminous galaxy clusters at 0.15 < z < 0.3 from observations taken with the Chandra X-ray telescope. We compare the mass estimates based upon a full hydrostatic equilibrium analysis requiring temperature profiles (where possible) to the mass estimates of weak-lensing observations based upon fitting NFW profiles to the observed shear profile of each cluster. We also compare the scaling relations of relatively simple X-ray observables (Tx, Lx, Yx) to the weak-lensing masses. The preliminary results of the X-ray properties of a separate sample of Subaru weak-lensing selected clusters will also be discussed.

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