Schedule Mar 18, 2011
AGN Feedback and Iron Enrichment in the Powerful Radio Galaxy, 4C+55.16
Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo (Univ. Cambridge)

In recent years, it has become clear that AGN feedback plays a major role in the formation and evolution of galaxies, by quenching star formation, enriching the medium with metals, and fuelling the supermassive black hole of the host galaxy. Although the details of how AGN feedback operates remains unclear, major advancements have been possible through detailed studies of X-ray cavities, particularly in clusters of galaxies, since these cavities provide a direct measurement of the energy being injected by the AGN into the surrounding medium.

In the hopes of providing further insight into the processes that govern AGN feedback, we present a detailed analysis of 4C+55.16, an unusual and interesting radio source, located at the centre of a cool core cluster of galaxy. 4C+55.16 is X-ray Bright (L_x-ray=10^45 ergss), radio powerful, and shows clear signs of interaction between its central galaxy and the intracluster medium, including hints of a weak shock front. By combining Chandra with VLA observations, we also find evidence of multiple outbursts from the central AGN. Furthermore, 4C+55.16 has an unusual intracluster iron distribution showing a plume-like feature rich in Fe L emission lines, and that seems to run along one of the X-ray cavities. Using deep Chandra observations (100 ksec), we provide further insight into the origin of this plume-like feature.

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