Schedule Mar 18, 2011
A Large Optical Cluster Sample at z=0.05-1.2 From SDSS Stripe 82
Yen-Ting Lin (IPMU)

Authors: Yen-Ting Lin, Feng Dong, Jim Gunn, Rachel Mandelbaum, Michael Strauss

We present preliminary results from a sample of ~10000 clusters with photometric redshift up to 1.2 detected in SDSS stripe 82 coadd imaging data using an adaptive matched filter algorithm developed in Dong et al (08). Our cluster catalog provides estimates of redshift, richness, virial radius, and concentration of galaxy distribution. Extensive visual inspection and tests on mock galaxy catalogs were conducted to estimate the completeness and purity of the sample. The sample is roughly volume-limited to z~0.8 or so. We discuss rich science projects on cosmology, cluster physics, and galaxy evolution enabled by cross correlating our sample with the wealth of multiwavelength photometric and spectroscopic data available in stripe 82 (e.g., CMB data from ACT, spectroscopy from BOSS and GAMA, weak lensing mass estimates from SDSS).

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