Schedule Mar 18, 2011
AGN Heating Rate in Galaxy Clusters: Radio AGNs in 400 Square Degree Distant Cluster Survey
Cheng-Jiun Ma (SAO)

The discovery of cavity in hot intracluster medium gas and its close correspondence with the structure of radio lobes inflated by the AGN are interested in estimating the injected energy from the enthalpy required to create the cavity. Recently, a correlation between the radio power of AGNs and the jet power injected into cavities is found, and this allows us to estimate the jet power over a large and unbiased sample without deep X-ray observations. We apply this technique to the NVSS sources detected in the clusters of the 400 Square Degree Distant Cluster Survey. We find that the radio power, and therefore the jet power do not significantly correlate with the X-ray luminosity of the clusters. In addition, the incidence of AGNs in clusters does not correlate with the X-ray luminosity, either. The average jet power of AGNs hosted in the BCGs is in the level of 10^{44} erg/s, while the average jet power could reach sim10^{45} erg/s if all radio sources within 1Mpc of the clusters are included. The corresponding AGN heating energy per each particle in the intracluster medium would reach to the level of 0.1-0.2 keV/particle from AGNs within cluster cores and 0.4-0.8keV/particle from AGNs within 1Mpc radius. Thus, the AGN heating during the inflation of cavity along will be close to the required excess energy in the preheating model.

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