Schedule Mar 15, 2011
Multiwavelength Cluster Mass Profiles from the JACO/CCCP Collaboration
Andisheh Mahdavi (SFSU)

A. Mahdavi (San Francisco State University)
H. Hoekstra (Leiden University)
A. Babul (University of Victoria)
J. Allison (Sydney)

We present multiwavelength, X-ray, weak lensing, and where available, SZ measurements of the mass profiles for 50 rich systems in the Canadian Cluster Comparison Project. Using the Joint Analysis of Cluster Observations codebase, we simultaneously model the baryonic and nonbaryonic matter profiles in these systems, deriving joint constraints on the gas entropy, pressure, metallicity, and dark matter distributions. We find remarkable consistency in the SZ, X-ray, and weak lensing derived mass profiles, and provide an updated, spatially resolved cross-calibration of Chandra and XMM-Newton observations where both are available. We find a tighter correlation between the X-ray and weak gravitational lensing mass than has been previously reported, and through joint analysis are able to constrain the dark matter inner slope in over half the systems. We probe multiple criteria for measuring the integrated cluster temperature, and we also update our previous results on the X-ray to weak lensing mass deficiency, with an in-depth discussion of possible sources of systematic error.

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