Schedule Mar 17, 2011
Testing the LambdaCDM Paradigm with the Mass Distribution of Massive Clusters out to z=1.4
Piero Rosati (ESO)

The dark matter mass distribution within galaxy clusters, over a wide range of radial scales and redshift baseline, provide a powerful test of cosmological models and structure formation scenarios. I will illustrate how the multi-cycle HST Treasury program, CLASH, in coordination with multi-wavelength facilities will enables measurements of DM density profiles of a representative sample of 25 massive clusters with unprecedented accuracy, using a combination of lensing, dynamical and X-ray methods. I will specifically show how this work can be extended to clusters at z>1, providing accurate (10%) mass measurements of cluster masses out to z=1.4. This can be used to challenge the standard LCDM model by setting stringent limits on the space density of the most massive distant clusters in the Universe.

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