Schedule Mar 18, 2011
SZ/X-ray Scaling Relations from Bolocam and Chandra
Jack Sayers (Caltech)

We will present an update on our scaling relation studies for a set of 32 massive clusters that we have imaged to a depth of ~10 uK-arcmin at 143 GHz with Bolocam. These clusters span the redshift range 0.15 < z < 0.9 and the mass range 3e14 M_sun < M_500 < 25e14 M_sun. Our images extend to ~7 arcmin in radius, which is beyond r_500 for almost all of these clusters. Our data are of sufficient quality to determine the projected Y_500 in a model-independent way with an accuracy of ~10% in each cluster. Additionally, all of the clusters in our sample have Chandra X-ray data, which we have uniformly analyzed to obtain ~10% estimates of M_500, T_500, and L_500. The scaling relations between these X-ray observables and Y_500, which we have determined without the use of the X-ray data, will allow us to search for non-gravitational physics and deviations from self-similarity, and to constrain the intrinsic scatter of Y_500 as a mass proxy.

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