Schedule Mar 18, 2011
Gamma-rays in Galaxy Clusters due to Dark Matter
MAGIC Gamma-ray Telescope Observation of the Perseus Galaxy Cluster
Fabio Zandanel (CSIC)

Clusters of galaxies are expected to contain substantial population of cosmic rays that can yield a significant high energy emission. Moreover, as they contain large amounts of dark matter, they must be considered prime targets for gamma-ray searches for WIMP decay or annihilation. We use a constrained cosmological simulation, provided by the CLUES project, to produce all-sky maps of the dark matter and cosmic ray gamma emission in the Local Universe. I will discuss the possibility for the Fermi-LAT instrument to detect a dark matter gamma-ray signal in extragalactic structures, in particular from nearby clusters and filaments. I will then report on our progress to build-up an all-sky map of the cosmic ray gamma emission. Deep observations of nearby clusters with space-borne and ground-based instruments are crucial to investigate the nature of dark matter as well as the cosmic ray acceleration in these environments.

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