Schedule Feb 10, 2006
Chandra Observation of a Type IIN Supernova 1995N
Poonam Chandra (India)

We present the spectroscopic and imaging analysis of Type IIn supernova SN 1995N observed with the Chandra X-Ray Observatory on 2004 March 27. We detect Neon lines in the spectrum and compare our observations with previous ASCA and ROSAT observations of the SN. We find presence of an extra absorption column depth, which indicates possiblly a cool dense shell between the reverse shock and the contact discontinuity in the ejecta. With the higher spatial resolution and sensitivity of Chandra, we separate out many nearby sources in the supernova field of view that had additionally contributed to the supernova flux in the previous ASCA observations due to the large point-spread function of ASCA, indicating presence of a non-linear behaviour of the X-ray light curve. Taking out these extra contributions, the SN light curve seems to be consistent with the linear declining flux. We discuss results in the context of models of nucleosynthesis and the interaction of the shock waves with the circumstellar medium in core-collapse supernovae.