Schedule Feb 07, 2006
Nucleosynthesis in Asymmetric SNe
Aimee Hungerford (LANL)

The distribution and abundance of elements synthesized during the explosion of a core collapse supernova are critical parameters in understanding the chemical evolution of galaxies and the stellar populations within the galaxy. The presence of explosion asymmetries in supernovae alters both the extent of the hydrodynamically mixed regions, as well as the conditions for burning within the supernova shock. This serves to change both the distribution and abundance of the ejected elements. Additionally, asymmetries in the remaining proto-neutron star affect the r-process synthesis of very heavy elements. In this talk, I will discuss trends in burning processes for a range of physical conditions which exist in core-collapse supernova simulations. Intuition gained from 1D explosion simulations will be compared against preliminary results from a 3D explosion simulation.

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