Schedule Feb 07, 2006
X-Ray Emission from Supernovae in the SWIFT, Chandra and XMM-Newton Era [Oral Contribution]
Stefan Immler (GSFC/NASA/USRA)

Recent results from high-energy observations of young supernovae (SNe) in the SWIFT, Chandra, and XMM-Newton era are presented.A coherent picture regarding the CSM structure is slowly emerging from long-term X-ray monitoring programs, which indicates that the CSM profiles are strikingly similar for all core-collapse SNe out to large radii (>E18 cm) from the sites of the explosions. Establishing the long-term X-ray lightcurves also allows to study the spectral evolution from a hard spectral component originating in the forward shock at early times to the emergence of soft X-rays from the reverse shock. Our long-term programs to monitor the X-ray evolution of decades old SNe such as SNe 1970G, 78K and 79C allow, forthe first time, to directly witness the transition from a SN into a SNR.

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