Schedule Feb 07, 2006
Jets and Asymmetries in the Cas A SNR
Martin Laming (NRL)

In April-May 2004 the instruments on the Chandra X-ray observatory acquired an unprecedented deep integration of the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant, for a total of 1 million seconds. I will present the results of an initial analysis of the so-called \"jet\" regions of the remnants, and review analyses of earlier data from the Chandra archive, with a view to highlighting aspects of the explosion asymmetry that are visible today in the morphology and spectra of the remnant. In particular from x-ray spectroscopy, we canshow that the \"jets\" are indeed associated with asymmetry of the explosion as opposed to asymmetry in the circumstellar medium, and start to place numbers on the various parameters involved. We also make initial inferences on asymmetries in the Fe/Si inner ejecta and their possible relation to the direction of the compact central object natal kick.

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