Schedule Feb 10, 2006
An Asymmetric Hypernova (SN 2003jd) Viewed Off-Axis, and a Link to Gamma-Ray Bursts
K. Maeda, et al.

Authors: Keiichi Maeda, Ken Nomoto, Nozomu Tominaga (Tokyo), Paolo Mazzali, Elena Pian (Trieste), Jinsong Deng (Beijing)
Type Ic supernovae, the explosions following the core collapse ofmassive stars that have previously lost their hydrogen and heliumenvelopes, are particularly interesting because of the link withlong-duration gamma-ray bursts. Although indications exist that theseexplosions are aspherical, direct evidence has still been missing.Late-time observations of SN 2003jd, a luminous hypernova, providesuch evidence. Recent Subaru and Keck spectra reveal double-peakedprofiles in the nebular lines of neutral oxygen and magnesium. Theseprofiles are different from those of known Type Ic supernovae, with orwithout a gamma-ray burst, and they can be understood if SN 2003jd wasan aspherical, axisymmetric explosion viewed from near the equatorialplane. If SN 2003jd was associated with a gamma-ray burst, we missedthe burst as it was pointing away from us.

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