Schedule Feb 10, 2006
Ultra Wide-Field Telescope WIDGET for Observing GRBs and SNe
Tamagawa, Tashiro, Urata, Abe, Onda, Usui, Azuma, Kuwahara

We have constructed an ultra wide field telescope named WIDGET to observe possible prompt optical emission associated with GRBs or shock breakout of SN explosions. Performing the simultaneous observation with GRB satellite such as HETE-2 and Swift, the telescope should have an ultra-wide FOV. The WIDGET telescope has 70 degrees FOV in each side which covers almost all of the FOV of those satellites. WIDGET is located at Akeno Observatory in Japan where is about 150km away from Tokyo. The telescope is in operation since June 2004. We will present the status and early results of one and half year observations in the conference.

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