Schedule Feb 10, 2006
New Soft BATSE GRBs and Spectra of X-Ray Rich Bursts
Yana Tikhomirova (Moscow)

A population of X-ray dominated gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) observed by Ginga, BeppoSax and HETE-2 experiments should be represented in the BATSE data as presumably soft bursts. We have performed a search for soft GRBs in the BATSE records in the 25--100 keV energy band.A softness of a burst spectrum can be a reason why it has been missed by the on-board procedure and previous searches for untriggered GRBs tuned to 50--300 keV range. We have found a surprisingly small number (~20 yr^{-1} down to 0.1 ph cm^{-2} s^{-1}) of soft GRBs where the count rate is dominated by 25--50 keV energy channel. This fact as well as the analysis of HETE-2 and common BeppoSAX/BATSE GRBs indicates that the majority of GRBs with a low Epeak has a relatively hard tail with the high-energy power-law photon index beta>-3. An exponential cutoff in GRB spectra below 20 keV may be a distinguishing feature separating non-GRB events.

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