Schedule Feb 10, 2006
Models of Non-linear Amplification of Magnetic Field in SNR Shocks
A. Vladimirov & D. Ellison

Diffusive shock acceleration (DSA) of cosmic rays in collisionless shocks strongly depends on parameters of the turbulent magnetic field that allows the shock to form. Mechanisms of production of this field are still notunderstood, but recent observations suggest that interstellar magnetic fields may be strongly amplified in SNR shocks. While a completedescription of magnetic turbulence generation is only possible with particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations (which are limited due to computational costliness), nonlinear Monte Carlo simulations of DSA can approximate the process and provide more realistic estimates of magnetic field strengththan current analytic solutions. Presented in the poster are models describing the self-consistent amplification to very high values of magnetic field by cosmic rays in interstellar shocks.

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