Schedule Feb 10, 2006
The Progenitor of Cas A
Patrick Young (LANL)

Despite the wealth of observational data available for Cassiopeia A, the suggestions for its progenitor span a wide array of stellar types. We compare a suite of 3D explosion calculations and stellar models incorporating advanced physics with observational constraints on the progenitor. We consider binary and single stars from 16 to 40 \sol with a range of explosion energies and geometries. The parameter space allowed by observations of nitrogen rich high velocity ejecta, ejecta mass, compact remnant mass, and $^{44}$Ti and $^{56}$Ni abundances individually and as an ensemble is considered. A progenitor of 15-25 \sol which loses its hydrogen envelope to a binaryinteraction and undergoes an energetic explosion can match all the observational constraints.

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