Schedule Sep 11, 2014
Insights and Open Questions from Another Multiband Superconductor: Sr2RuO4
Catherine Kallin, McMasters & KITP

Much of the interest in Sr2RuO4 arises from the possibility that it supports topological chiral p-wave superconductivity and, consequently, might support Majorana modes under certain conditions. Despite the distinct triplet pairing, Sr2RuO4 has a number of similarities to the iron superconductors, including substantial electronic correlations and magnetic fluctuations, multiple sheets of the Fermi surface arising from d-orbitals, and strong spin-orbit coupling -- all of which can impact on the superconducting state. I will give a brief introduction to and overview of Sr2RuO4, and then focus on some of the recent insights gleaned from experiments and theory, as well as on the still open questions.

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