Schedule Feb 27, 2009
Nematic Electron States Enhanced by Orbital Band Hybridization
Congjun Wu (UCSD)

by Wei-Cheng Lee and Congjun Wu

We study the Fermi surface instability of the Pomeranchuk type in orbital band systems. Band hybridization significantly enhances the Landau interactions in non-$s$-wave channels and results in anisotropic (nematic) Fermi surface distortions.The Ginzburg-Landau free energy is constructed by coupling the charge-nematic, spin-nematic and ferromagnetic order parameters together, which shows that nematic electron states can be induced by metamagnetism.The connection between this mechanism to the anisotropic states observed in Sr3Ru2O7 at high magnetic fields is studied in a multi-band Hubbard model with the hybridized quasi-one dimensional dxz and dyz-bands.

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