Schedule Sep 29, 2008
Galactic Archaeology, JWST, During the Epoch of First Light
Jason Tumlinson (STScI)

In the next decade, the synthesis of data from high and low redshifts promises to reveal the first galaxies in great detail. I will present new results from a hybrid N-body/semi-analytic model of the formation of the Milky Way's inner halo, extending back into the epoch of reionization. This model enables new explorations of the multidimensional data space provided by modern surveys of metal-poor stars, and relates these quantities directly to key physical processes that govern galaxy and star formation during the earliest phases of Galactic history. The stellar IMF is one of the key uncertainties at high redshift, and I will show how it can be constrained with present and future abundance and kinematic measurements. I will also describe how measurements of "first galaxies" from old and metal-poor Galactic stellar populations complement direct observations with NASA's forthcoming James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

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