Schedule Oct 03, 2008
The Outer Galactic Halo in the Direction of the Chandra Deep Field South
Simone Zaggia (INAF, Italy)

We present the results of an in-situ study of the Galactic Halo through a pencil-beam spectroscopic survey of the Chandra Deep Field South. State of the art model atmospheres and spectrum synthesis techniques have been used to determine chemical abundances, physical, kinematical and orbital properties of each star of the sample. We found that the Galactic Halo extends up to at least 165kpc from the Galactic Centre. Our stars constitute a pure Halo sample with a mean [Fe/H]=-1.4 and a large metallicity dispersion, covering the range -2.4[Fe/H}]-0.1. There is a suggestion of a weak metallicity gradient in the Halo.

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