KITP Program: Modularity in Quantum Systems
(Oct 26 - Dec 18, 2020, 2020)
Coordinators: Sergei Gukov, Sarah Harrison, Jeffrey Harvey, and Ken Ono

Speakers: Please contact us about file upload for your slides.

Time Speaker Title
10/26, 8:00am All Participants Organizational Meeting[Slides][Video]
10/27, 8:00am Amanda Folsom
Mock modular and quantum modular forms[Slides][Protected][Video] [Public Slides]
10/29, 8:00am Atish Dabholkar
Three Avatars of Mock Modularity[Video]
11/03, 8:00am Du Pei
Modularities from Fivebranes[Video]
11/05, 8:00am Stephen Kudla
U. Toronto
Harmonic weak Maass forms and extensions[Slides][Video]
11/10, 8:00am Eric D'Hoker
Modular Graph Functions[Video]
11/12, 8:00am Alex Maloney
McGill Univ.
The Siegel-Weil Formula and Quantum Gravity[Video]
11/17, 8:00am Theo Johnson-Freyd
Perimeter Inst.
A topological umbral moonshine conjecture[Slides][Video]
11/19, 8:00am Ken Ono
Univ. Virginia
Variants of Lehmer's Conjecture on Ramanujan's tau-function[Video]
11/16, 12:15pm Jeff Harvey
University of Chicago
What Is Modularity and What Is It Good For?[Video]
KITP Blackboard Lunch
11/24, 8:00am John Duncan
Finite Simple Groups and Elliptic Curve Arithmetic[Slides][Video]
11/25, 8:00am Lance Dixon
Scattering amplitudes in field theory, multiple polylogarithms and the coaction principle[Slides][Video]
12/01, 8:00am Miranda Cheng
Univ. of Amsterdan
Quantum modular forms from three-manifolds[Video]
12/03, 8:00am Greg Moore
N=2* Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory, Four-Manifold Invariants, And Mock Modular Forms[Video]
12/08, 8:00am Don Zagier
Max Planck Institute, Bonn
Holomorphic quantum modular forms[Video]
12/10, 8:00am Xenia de la Ossa
On the arithmetic of Calabi-Yau manifolds[Slides][Video]
12/15, 8:00am All Participants Gong Show[Video]
12/17, 8:00am Kathrin Bringmann
U Cologne
Asymptotic properties of modular type objects[Slides][Video]