Schedule Oct 16, 2020
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Cite as: doi:10.26081/K66W46

11:07:52 From Christine Simpson : It’s Dedner?
11:08:08 From Phil Hopkins : FIRE is Dedner, AREPO (version here) is Powell
11:08:14 From Christine Simpson : Thanks
11:08:22 From Evan Schneider : Thanks, that’s partly what I was looking for.
11:13:31 From Cameron Hummels : Responding in part to Christine’s question: In the Tempest simulations, we see that most of the increase in HI with increased resolution comes from preservation of cool gas coming in from satellites. This movie shows it pretty well:
11:14:30 From Cameron Hummels : There is *some* increase in cool gas from thermal instability and cooling in the dense CGM, but more of it is that it just is preserved as it flows in from external sources better.
11:17:24 From Christine Simpson : Thanks
11:20:40 From Prateek Sharma : Dylan Nelson has a paper on looking at the course of cold gas in ~1e13 halos and what he finds is that although dense gas is seeded by galaxy tails, most of the mass in galaxy tails condense from the local CGM:
11:23:09 From Claude-Andre Faucher-Giguere : Clarke Esmerian’s paper also tracks how cold gas condenses, in the FIRE-2 simulations.
11:27:51 From Prateek Sharma :
11:28:43 From Max Gronke : there was one by Scannapieco+ before I think?
11:28:47 From Prateek Sharma : Here are simulations of thermal instability with large density fluctuations that can mimic density wakes and penetrating filaments.
11:29:05 From Prateek Sharma : These are by Prakriti Pal Choudhury.
11:38:50 From Todd Thompson : Cassi Lochhaas might be able to comment
11:39:12 From Cassandra Lochhaas : we at FOGGIE are shying away from resolution comparisons because we found larger differences due to butterfly effects than from resolution differences
11:50:23 From Cassandra Lochhaas : I think you’d really need a lot of halos all simulated at multiple resolutions to understand the effects of resolution (as opposed to butterfly) in a statistical way
11:52:10 From Evan Schneider : Thanks to the organizers!

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