Schedule Oct 13, 1998
Press Conference on the Award of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Dr. Walter Kohn
Speakers are
Dr. David Gross, Director, ITP (00:00)
Dr. Henry Yang, Chancellor, UCSB (03:00)
Dr. Rollin Morrison, Chair, Physics Department (08:45)
Dr. Doug Scalapino, Professor of Physics (09:55)
Dr. Walter Kohn, Professor of Physics (12:15)

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Images from the Press Conference (full size): .
Pictures taken by Nadav Drukker
Walter and Mara Kohn Walter and Mara Kohn David Gross David Gross Henry Yang Henry Yang Walter Kohn Walter4
Rollin Morrison Rollin Morrison Doug Scalapino Doug Scalapino Walter Kohn Walter7 Walter Kohn Walter9
Walter Kohn Walter13 Walter Kohn Walter10 Walter Kohn Walter11 Walter Kohn Walter12

Remarks at the Informal Reception