Schedule Oct 14, 1998
Reception Honoring Dr. Walter Kohn for the Award of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
An informal reception was held at ITP for Walter Kohn and his friends and colleagues at UCSB and Santa Barbara. Speakers are:
Dr. David Gross, Director, ITP
Dr. Henry Yang, Chancellor, UCSB
Dr. Rollin Morrison, Chair, Physics Department
Dr. Daniel Little, Chair, Chemistry Department
Dr. James Hartle, Professor of Physics
Dr. Douglas Scalapino, Professor of Physics
Dr. Raymond Sawyer, Professor of Physics
Dr. Robert Sugar, Professor of Physics
Ms. Deborah Storm, MSO, ITP
Dr. France Cordova, Vice Chancellor for Research
Dr. Robert Huttenback, former Chancellor
Ms. Fiona Goodchild, QUEST
Dr. James Langer, Professor of Physics
Sherwin Family
Dr. Walter Kohn, Professor of Physics

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