Schedule Jan 31, 2012
A New Numerical Approach to Evolution of 5D Asymptotically AdS Spacetimes
Frans Pretorius, Princeton & KITP

I will describe a new numerical effort to solve Einstein gravity in 5-dimensional asymptotically Anti de Sitter spacetimes. The motivation is the gauge/gravity duality of string theory, with eventual application to scenarios (for example heavy ion collisions) that on the gravity side are described by dynamical, strong-field solutions. As a first step towards modeling such phenomena, we initially focus on spacetimes with SO(3) symmetry in the bulk; i.e., axisymmetric gravity, dual to plasma dynamics on the boundary with spherical or special conformal symmetry. As a test application we explore quasi-normal ringdown of highly deformed black holes in the bulk, and examine the degree to which the expectation value of the dual boundary stress tensor agrees with that of a conformal fluid.

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