Schedule Mar 01, 2013
Controlling a Mechanical Oscillator with a Tunable Coherent Feedback Network
Joseph Kerckhoff (JILA) et al.

We demonstrate a fully cryogenic microwave feedback network composed of distinct superconducting devices interconnected by waveguides and designed to control a mechanical oscillator coupled to one of the devices. The network is partitioned into an electromechanical device to be controlled and a dynamically tunable controller that coherently receives, processes and feeds back continuous microwave signals that modify the dynamics and readout of the mechanical state. While previous electromechanical systems represent some compromise between efficient control and efficient readout of the mechanical state, as set by the electromagnetic decay rate, this flexible controller yields a closed-loop network that can be dynamically and continuously tuned between both extremes much faster than the mechanical response time. We demonstrate that the microwave decay rate may be modulated by at least a factor of 10 at a rate greater than 104 times the mechanical response rate.

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