Schedule Mar 01, 2013
Concatenated Composite Pulses Compensating Simultaneous Systematic Errors
Yasushi Kondo (Kinki Univ.)

Masamitsu Bando1,Tsubasa Ichikawa1,*,Yasushi Kondo1,2 and Mikio Nakahara1,2

1: Research Center for Quantum Computing, Interdisciplinary

Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kinki University, Japan

2: Department of Physics, Kinki University, Japan 

In NMR experiments and quantum computation, many pulse (quantum gate) sequences called the composite pulses, were developed to suppress one of two dominant errors; a pulse length error and an off-resonance error. We present a general prescription to design a single-qubit concatenated composite pulse (CCCP) that is robust against two types of errors simultaneously. To this end, we introduce a new property, which is satisfied by some composite pulses and is sufficient to obtain a CCCP. Then we introduce a general method to design CCCPs with shorter execution time and less number of pulses. One may find details in 

* present address: Department of Physics, Gakushuin University, Japan

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