Schedule Feb 13, 2020
Writing the human stories of science: observations, and new questions, from a hybridized path
Brandon Brown, University of San Francisco & KITP Writer in Residence
Cite as: doi:10.26081/K6FG60

The interface of the scientist, as a human animal, with the trials and triumphs of science has been subject to increasing scrutiny, with varying degrees of sympathy. From an approach I’ll call both fair and hopeful, I have long been fascinated by that interface. In particular, my recent writing immerses readers in the context and infrastructure of breakthroughs. In this talk, with the KITP community firmly in mind, I aim to share the most relevant and interesting observations and questions arising from my last few projects. These areas include sensory biophysics, the life and work of Max Planck, and the collective problem-solving underlying the Apollo missions. As admittedly incoherent as that grouping appears, compatible threads motivate new writing projects, with what I hope to be worthy questions for my theorist colleagues.

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